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LIV'Labara Lavav art

The Breath of the Pure Heart...

"Labara Lavav Is the Hebrew Root Word for The Seeker of the Pure Heart. It is the "bara'" of creating something new while also meaning unto. You can Phrase it something like... Create unto me or in me something new and something Pure. It is a Mystery of the deep in us calling for the purity in God. Some scholars even say it is a Cleansing & Rejuvenating Word calling out to the Understanding of our Minds and our Path on the journey... A Raw Honest, true Crossover & Exchange. I Create with the invitation given to God Almighty, to open a Revelatory Door of the living letters of His Word, that Come to bring us Labara Lavav. In Every Heart, Mind, Soul, and Spirit."

_ Jessie Liv

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