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My Art Is Abstract Imprsessionism. Swipe for Photo Display

This Next LIVING LETTER Piece of Series 4 is Pairing the Living Letters, NUN,NUN FINAL & ZAYIN. 

" I Was Taken into a Powerful Vision for this Time and 3 Priests stood before me Holding a Golden Crown and A Breastplate with 12 Stones of the 12 tribes as bronzed blazing fire burned from its edges. The Priesthood Zadok, Decendent of Aaron and Levite occompanied the Order of Melchizedek along with Ezekial, they stood in line with the presentation. When i asked what was taking place the Lord spoke to me, "I am Restoring my Royal Priesthood in a Greater level of identity and My house will be crowned with glory and holiness" The 12 Stones are reprsented inthe painting upon the branded colors Of the living Letters i expierenced Echoeing in the Background of the encounter.


I Knew it to be ZAYIN Speaking! Zayin the Living Letter means CROWNED MAN, The Purpose of Kings & Priests that carry the sword. zayin is a Weapon of Ruling. Crowned before the Fall and restored as a royal priesthood and Holy Nation._ 1Peter 2:9 KJV

NUN, the living letter... is a letter bent with a crown!  It is the literal meaning of the faithful ones being Crowned With Increase & Multiplication! god is Increasing you! Multiplying and Crowning You This Hour! Greater Levels! It Is Time to Receive! Their is Royal Armor being Exchanged For Your Previous Battle Wear! Are You Ready? This is who you are!


Acrylic medium & Gloss Varnish Original

medium canvas

" The Upgraded Crown & Priesthood"

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