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"Immersed in the Deep"

My 6th Living Letter Series Hebrew letter"MEM"~

I waited in a deep moment of stillness for this letter. As I sat with the Lord and entered in, I was taken into another vision where I was deep under water within a vast ocean. The waters were so deep it was dark. In this encounter I wanted to go deeper, I remember I continued pushing and swimming as far down into the deep as I could go. When I felt led to stop I heard the voice of many water call out to me and say within an infinite echo say "IMMERSE"! Accompanied with this was a Soundwave and electric movement that came out from the Fathers Voice! The voice of many waters! I knew the Lords Word was within the Word himself among the waters. "MEM"~

"MEM" Hebrew living letter means Oracle, a keeper of the deep. It is the womb of the Word suspended in deep waters waiting to be drawn out. This is the only letter that does not stand tall because it protects its contents and is closed off ti those that do not honor. It is Daniel 2:22 "he revealed the deep and secret things, he know that what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him.

Where there is chaos on the surface deep down in the depths of God peace, answers, and secrets dwell.

My painting is abstract Impressionism. I painted the menorah as symbolic emphasis to the light that dwells in the mystery of Daniel 2:22 embedded in the deep reverence of the Vast seekers. The lamp that is within. The 7 spirits of God burning. I painted the water under its lamp as ripples and the reflection water carries.

The time is now where you have been immersed in the incubation of Gods womb. Learning, being taught, and breaking passed the shore line. Mem has echoed throughout the earth but so, it has echoed through YOU!


"IMMERSED In The Deep"

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