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My Art Is Abstract Impressionism.  This Prophetic painting lists the Living Hebrew Letters Aleph & Beyt.  I joined these two letters because I Believ You can not. have one with out the other exsisting! Both Know each other and dance with another. I felt strongly God in this hour has tested and refined the strength of his people in his House to STAND and find the Importance of Standing . "ALEPH" is the Hebrew letter rooting in in the prefix "I WILL" at the inner core of man. It is the Word spoken Forth in strength & stillness. It is the YES under burden or pressure, similar to the ox anointing. Unmovable.


"BEYT" is the Hebrew Living letter rooting in "The Ascending dwelling Place or House of God". Significant to the abode, the shelter, the tent or covering of the divine dwelling place of  the Holy of Holies. HOME! Beyt is eternity and remaining in eternity inwardly.. Also stating we are the house of God.


This speaks to the hour we are in. To REMAIN STANDING in the House of the LORD!

Green Prophesy's Life and the fullness of this assurance. The Mysteries that uncover answer.. This Piece Invities Mystery in the confidence of God within the UNKNOWN/Transitions of the Journey.


Acrylic medium & Gloss Varnish  *** SWIPE LEFT FOR PHOTO DISPLAY***

"A Pillar In The House of God"

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