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GHAH & RESH Living Letter Series makes one powerful dunamus duo!  (Free from War & Death)I had an encounter with God where he brought to me the Letter "Ghah" immersed in light. The letter shined to bright to gaze upon. In this encounter was the light to all understanding! But it was only the beginning!


"GHAH" is the staircase of ascending. First found in 1Kings 6:8 Solomon building the temple. A spiral staircase taken to Holy of Holies. It is to enter beyond the Veil to discover deep mysteries unseen and yet discovered. Some depict Ghah to mean DARK . However as the dark space of the deep. It is the place of Proverbs 25:2, "It is the Glory of God tono conceal a thing, but the honor of kings to search out its matter". Revelation that's been hidden and ancient, yet reserved for the one willing to travel to seek it out. It is also the chord not easily broken. Twisted and intertwined with the fullness of our creator.


I knew RESH needed to be GHAH Covering in this piece. RESH Means to Lead! It is THE SUMMIT! THE TOP! THE CHIEF LETTER!. We can not ascend without seeing the Mountain of Zion. The summit of the Lord! RESH LEADS GHAH! As it is the original intent for man to live as glorous light in union with the higher consciousness of the image of YAHWEH! RESH Works with RUACH KODESH To bring pass the age of peace free from war and death. Ascending into perfect awakening .


Large Canvas

Abstract impression_

Used the emphasize of the olive branch as the bringer of peace and answers. As Holy Spirit used the branch in the days of Noah and Christs Baptism of the Dove Descending. I always conveyed the Mirror reflection within the light blue of the dark depth array of shading to appeal to the reflection of man from beholding Christ. Awakening and seeking to FIND.

Light of Understanding_ Seeker of the Concealed

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