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 My Prophetic Art Gears toward Abstract Impressionism. This Painting just felt like an entire page from a Scroll. MINDBLOWING. BIO: The Bronze, Gold linings are to represent ruin buildings, ruin land, ruin deserts where there is no life. Upon painting I was shown by the Lord, An ASCENDING AND DECENDING WELL With the LIVING HEBREW LETTER “SHIN”.. SHIN- signifies the Tooth of Bearing Down with GRIT, TO NOT LET GO UNTIL SOMETHING IS COMPLETED. SHIN Is a Lamp and a Weapon. A Living Letter of the Living Word. God says, this Word is Ablaze this hour in the circumstances of Desert Ruin and dry places. It is ALIVE AND BURNING AMONG YOU! SHIN is THE WORD GUIDING YOU THIS HOUR IN GOD. Hence the Bottom Right Compass. HOLD FAST, BEAR DOWN, LAY HOLD OF UNTIL THE PROMISE IS COMPLETE. The Word is Alive and Active. The Letters are LIVING AND BURNING.

"A Living Word Among Ruin"

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