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THIS IS A LEGAL UNITED STATES TRADEMARK PATENT BRAND & STORE! Any Copy of Merch, Brand, Product, or Names involving product, Ideas of this store etc. is a Liable & Sue Offense against the other Party that can extend in Legal Court Matters with a present attorney.

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Policies & Terms

-Refunds: There are No Refunds. Under Specific Terms forward. Those terms being if the Customer Received their package damaged or harmed and completely unsalvagable. Must Provide Photos and Speak with us directly Via Inquiry Contact before Any action. 

-Apparel host Returns  under conditions Of our Mistake, Defects and Eligible for a swap of Merchandise given any defect.

-Dyed Orders are NonRefundable, being That all dyed products are Handmade through Extensive Time, Weeks ,Labor and costs, we hold these Policies knowing You Understand Before your Purchase.  We do Offer Discounted Rates to any Future Purchases of our brand outside the Product being harmed or affected through mail and needing other Revision applied by owner and revision of Liv co. These Terms are Under The Personal Observation of each Personal Circumstance to Customer and how each should be applied.

-Please Contact Our Shop as we are willing To Strive 100 percent Towards our Customer satisfaction. 

-All Dyed Orders are Made To Order &  Can Take 3-8 Wks To Ship. Depending on Volume of Orders in a Month. We Give That Ball Park to Ensure Full attention on Your Purchase Without being Haste and Quality being poorly Done. We Strive for Excellence and experience. We are Faster Than many Dyed Fabric Businesses that range 7-9Wks. 

- All Jewelry, Apperal, Oils take 7-10 Business days To Recieve from order date.

- All International Order Ship Fees are Based on USPS Fees And Terms To Get Your Order Shipped. Weight/Ship Fees Included To Ship Outside U.S. We Do Not Establish This Cost. It Is Directed Strictly By Mail Carrier Companies based on Your Countries Mail Regulations. 

- This Is an One Person Business, we ask understanding in the Time Given to Prepare your Order and Inquire Only after that Time frame has approached to Contact Us asking about Your Ship status. Your Shipping Status Is updated as  "Complete"  With Your tracking update Via Email.

All customers are Notified Once Item Is shipped.

*THIS IS A LEGAL UNITED STATES TRADEMARK PATENT BRAND & STORE! Any Copy of Merch, Brand, Product, or Names is a Liable & Sue Offense against the other Party that can extend in Legal Court Matters with a present attorney.*

We Appreciate You Revolution!

Liv Company Appreciates Your Business Support and Strives With Excellence To attend To each Order and product on a Personal Level.  We Create and Establish With Each Person in Mind and Carry Through With such Passion and Desire To Reach Every Customer with this Heart Intent. We Bless and Pray over every Order, agreeing with Your Breakthroughs, New Victories, and Grander horizons! We Encourage You To Be a Voice, Remain Revolutionary over Ordinary, and Succeed in Your wildest Dreams! 

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