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Shine Girl 60:1  BubbleGum Mint Shave Polish Foam:  An All natural Whipped Polish Foam that lathers and gently Exofiolates

Its Luxurious experience cocktails with Eucalyptus mint FDA Therapeutic Oil for health benefits of Inflammation, sore tension, and sensory relief mixing with our Over the Top bubble Gum natural soap Fragrance! Polish away dead skin and enjoy the creamy foam aftermath upon lather INGRED- Organic White Goats Milk, Arrow Root, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, VITE, Euc Mint, Bubblegum Frag Inspired By Isaiah60:1 8oz Jar


-How Beautiful 52:7 Our Abrasive Lemongrass Vanilla Foot scrub and pop seed topping brushing away callous heels and rough dead skin . It is strictly a Scrub with Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed oil, arrow root, organic cane sugar Therapeutic FDA Lemongrass Oil, Vanilla Fragrance Oil and poppy seed Topping. Look no further than our FRUIT LOOP smelling Scrub! Yes it smells exactly like Fruit Loops:) 8oz Jar

Inspired by Isaiah52:7


-Her Plumbline 28:17 Blue-Raseberry Lavender Balance Emulsify Polish Scrub: Balance Hormone and Emotional PH- Vitex Berry Seeds to help Balance Hormonal Mood and PH, Luxiourous Full Body Emulsify Scrub with a genesis cocktail scent. INGREDIENTS All the Butters, Shae Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa butter, Sunflower Oil,, Organic Cane sugar Therapeutic FDA Lavender Oil For Rest, Relief, and Restoration on the Body mixed with Enjoyment Fragrance Blue Raseberry! What a DUO SCENT MIX!

Inspired by Isaiah 28:7 8oz Jar

Shine GIRL!- How BEAUTIFUL- HER Plumbline Shave Foam & Scrubs

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