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Was lead into a vision of a Pure White cascade! After The White Blanket of Light and Color Lifted I Saw a Single lily in a Field Tall and Upright! I felt the impression of the Lord Saying Over the Field to the Small Lily... " See Even You Do Not Toil" I fee you are in a season of Finding Rest in the Lord . Rest isnt Passive or action-less. It It Calm while we fufill the mandate of our hands and the labor of striving to enter into greater Rest to accomplish More! I saw the light colors of Lilac and Pink Hughes complimenting the environment of the daisy...

VERSES: " Let us, Therefore Strive to enter that rrest, So that no one may fall by the same sort od disobedience"

Hebrew 4:11

"Consider the Lilies Of the Field, How They grow. They Dont Toil, Neither do They Spin

Matthew 6:28

48x108 Adult size Worship Veil


"Lily Of The Field"

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