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Isreal has come alive in this Veil!

CREATING THIS VEIL: I was led into a vision if the Tan Stone of Isreal Wailing wall of intercession! Immediately, Hebrews letters appeared before me on this wall amist the vision. The letters were AYIN & DALET

"DALET"- Hebrew letter means Door, gate, pathway to deeper realms of God visions & dreams.. deh-leth meaning door from strings H1817 and Yahwehs plan for every life as one seeks his face. HE Becomes visible and we enter heavens upper room . It is a very strong letter of entrance and exit . Arrival of whats God willed and the exit of what isn't. How could this not be a letter delivered through travail? Wow

"AYIN"- Hebrew letter means Eye, Fountain, endless well... when we behold the Lord, we truly see in right understanding and intently hear & obey.. AYIN REVEALS THE PATH , The right & true living way of God. This path pours from the Fountain that does not run dry. Strongs H5969. Ayin is insight, discernment and Heed. What we behold we see. Prayer & intercession keeps our eye clear .

Enter In to the beautiful Glory of Gods depths & Living Word!! Intercession is increasing and new dimensions have begun ! The DEPTH OF PRAYER IS AWAKENING TO HIGHER HEIGHT! DEEPER DEPTH!

It is time to #PRAY & #WATCH



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