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Worship & Praise Tool

Our Dyed Satin Fabric, Various Fabric, Satin Ribbon & Embellishments

Fully wrapped Embellished Ring Hoop| Color Theme- Diverse Purples, Dark & LT Blues


Ask For The Rain, Believe beyond the cloud that has Formed! Elijah saw the cloud and called forth its position then he proceeded to believe for the Rain of Refreshing. usher the Latter Rain in the Latter Glory! Come to the water that quenches your dry land and parched soul. This Is YOUR REFRESHING!!!! Zechariah 10:1 1 Kings18


Ready To ship ( No Process Time)


(We included Half Tool Weight Shipping Fees in Sale Price)


"Ask For RAIN"- Worship Ring Hoop

$105.00 Regular Price
$98.00Sale Price
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