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WATCHMAN! You have Arose to the Alarm! ** IMMEDIATE SHIPPING**

AWAKE, AWAKE THE SLEEPERS! Its is a call to the Wall & surely no drill.

I have called you and chosen you to Stir the fires of my Heeds and " Make my Bride ready"! You have been chosen to the wee hours of the night to break and rend the networks of the wicked powerless! Having Forged you in my quiver, now I shall deliver! You! Into the Hour. into the Time such as this! Break Break Break with the Breaker, the borders that have shut in my truth and my spirit".

"Rend the Standard of my word & righteousness! "


Double Layer- Flexi rod- Hand-dyed Prophetic veil

 Various Usages of Silk Fabrics

NO PROCESS TIME- Immediate Ship all Clearance Sale Flags

THE WATCHMAN'S DOMINION- Double Layer- FlexiRod FlagSet

Out of Stock
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