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Theres a people that are built to hit their mark with precision. They are Gods weapons and precision markers of target. Their words are precise, their eye is steady, their heartbeat balances in the hour that is the hand of Gods Clock..

Warriors. Impacters.

If you are the arrow in Gods quiver, then you understand drawback is strategic and not DEFAULT. Pullbacks mean to the arrow, a steady force of wind is coming... a new LEVERAGE IS ABOUT TO LAUNCH. The arrow does not fear, it is genuis in stealth.

It was born to hit its mark.

The arrow is consistently in the hand of its Archer. That hand is the palm of God and the tension of his fingers!

If you are the arrow, drawbacks are second nature and around the clock , like shifts of your season. You clock in, punch in, and wait. If you are not soaring, you are in the tension.

The wait, if steady and patient, discerns the hour of mastercrafting its launch.

IF YOU ARE THE ARROW... Then you understand the hour you are currently in..

IF YOU ARE THE ARROW,... THEN Your enemies grovel at what they interpret is your ending moment! BUT WHAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Is YOU ARE GETTING POSITIONED TO LAUNCH!

ARROW, STEADY YOURSELF.. Each Position is crucial NOW ....🏹🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

#NowReadySetand.... Weaponize!

Jessie Liv


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