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Hebrew 10:36 "For You have need of Endurance, so that when you have done !

 Gods will you Receive Whats promised

-Our Pesevere Bar Is A Refreshing Earthy Scent, Vibrant Yellow Inspired By Rejuvenating Enjoyable Ingredients that are suble, gentle, butter soft & All Natural with Notes Of Orange Peel and  Raw Cassia Anointing Oil. Intergrated with Inner Rose Petals/ Dried Flower Notes For Luxery. Bathe In Renewal & Strength!

Ingredients: Organic Live Tumeric, Organic Makuka Honey, Therapeutic Grade Cassia oil, Therapeutic Orange Oil, Hard Pressed Almond Oil & VitE, Organic Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Rose Petals intergrade & Dried Flower top Notes


Persevere & Conquer Pre-Order

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