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The Time of abundant Rain! the Spirit of Elijah came with the faith and the endurance to complete his mountain ask for the rain and ascend by faith in the time of Spirtual drought, waiting, testing. Shift your season with the Spirit of Elijah and the Thrust of Decree in your PRAISE to ASK FOR RAIN! SEE the RAIN Downpour and Journey forth!!!

1Kings ch18


Our Tabernacle Flags are Double Layer, Flexi Rod, with looped ribbon and a mix of ou dyed fabric and silk embellishments on the interface of our flags. Our Tabernacle flags were born from the unction to create based on the Hebrew feasts and the Feast of Booths known as Sukkot- Holding beautiful and intimate space for God in lavish scarf and ribbon decorated tents where fruit and vines hang during the feasts in Isarel . This is our tent of glory, the very host of intimacy and presence in the Lord. Our time to feast with God. Moses gathered the tent of meeting, where the face of God Dwelled. Here we enter in to the care, nature, protection, covering and proision of our God.



"ELIJAH" I Ask For Rain- Tabernacle Double layer Flag

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